3 Questions I Ask Myself Every Day is a project on discovering what motivates international creative individuals abroad, as living in an exotic country can be tough and challenging. Difficulty in learning the difference between cultures--traditions, beliefs, values, and behaviors--exists as barriers to communication. I have been living in
New York City for more than three
years as an artist and designer. The ups, the downs, and the long stretches of uncertainty makes me wonder about what I live for. The project is a reflection of cross-cultural experiences and of my journey living abroad. I am also inviting other creative individuals to experience my point of view from a different culture background, and to share their stories on what motivates them through this project. Their honest answers from the series of questions are displayed in the blank boxes on the card. Compiling these cards into a collage, I attempt to explore the differences and similarities we share as creative individuals, connected by the same experience.

The project was exhibited at All Things Project Gallery in NYC. All the responses were collected during the Pending Exhibition on December 6th, 2014.